Be Kind Tier Tray Decor Wooden Craft Project

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Cute wooden craft kit with the word “be kind” are perfect for tier tray decor, crafts, birthday party make and takes

Be Kind Tier Tray Decor Craft Kit

measure 3x4 inches and come ready to be painted or colored using markers

The rainbow and words "Be Kind" create a 3d effect for the small sign.

They are perfect to use with markers, like the bright colored rainbow below. We used the cheap dollar store markers and they came out beautifully. Plus, no paint mess with the littles.

Coloring wood with kids dollar store markers is simple and fun!

Or use acrylic (or spray paint too!) for a vibrant and colorful rainbow

Brightly painted wooden craft kit

Make sure to peel off the protective sticker off of the wood before painting. The protective sticker helps protect the wood during lasering and shipping.

peeled be kind tier tray decor craft kit

Use coupon code "bekind" at checkout for an additional $2.50 off of the tier tray wooden craft. Plus, free shipping! So grab as many as you want for your end of summer crafting party!