Boho Crib Bedding for Baby Girls

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AVTR specializes in rag quilt style bedding including Boho Crib Bedding for Baby Girls.

At A Vision to Remember (AVTR), our passion lies in creating exquisite rag quilt-style bedding. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to our favorite boho crib bedding collection. From the tiniest tots to parents looking for a little extra room. We offer a range of sizes, including king-size quilts. As a testament to our commitment to quality and design, we'd love to share our top picks from our boho crib bedding line.

Boho Baby Quilt and Bedding Line Up

Vintage Boho Crib Bedding in blue buffalo plaid and maroon floral.

Boho Crib Bedding

Our Boho Crib Bedding for Baby Girls in mauve and blush pink, with just a touch of green. It is a design that is sure to captivate and delight every little girl. Meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail, this bedding collection infuses a sense of bohemian charm into your baby girl's nursery. The gentle, soothing tones of mauve and blush pink create an atmosphere of tranquility. While the subtle hints of green add a touch of nature's freshness.

Every element of this bedding set, from the crib skirt to the quilt and everything in between, designed to embody the essence of boho chic. It's a harmonious blend of colors and patterns that evoke a sense of wonder and creativity. The perfect for sparking your little one's imagination. Whether you're creating a haven for quiet naps or playtime adventures, this Boho Crib Bedding strikes the perfect balance between style and comfort. It's a testament to the art of nurturing and cherishing the early years while infusing them with a touch of boho beauty. This bedding collection is more than just a practical choice. It's a canvas for your baby girl's dreams and a soothing presence that's sure to bring joy to both you and your little one.

Boho Crib Bedding

Introducing our delightful Floral Mint, Coral, and Gold Baby Blanket. A playful infusion of boho style and a burst of cheerful colors. This blanket is  brings a touch of whimsy and creativity to your little one's nursery. With its harmonious blend of mint, coral, and gold, it's a lively addition that exudes fun and charm. Making it the perfect choice for parents looking to create a boho-inspired haven for their baby. This blanket is not just a cozy addition to your nursery.  It's also a vibrant statement piece that adds character and warmth to the room.

Boho Crib Bedding

Boho Crib Skirts

Finally, our fringe crib skirts are the perfect touch to a boho nursery.

The fringe crib skirts come in a wide variety of colors from the entire rainbow. If you don't see the color you're wanting please contact me.

Boho Crib BeddingBoho Crib Bedding

Quality Bedding for Everyone

As with all our rag quilt-style bedding, our boho crib bedding is made with high-quality materials. The quilt will grow softer with each wash. They are designed to withstand the test of time and are crafted with a passion for quality and aesthetics.

To explore these beautiful boho crib bedding options, simply click on each picture, and you'll find more details about each collection. Whether you're welcoming a new addition to the family or refreshing your baby girl's nursery, AVTR's boho crib bedding will add a touch of style, comfort, and charm to your little one's haven.

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