High Quality Fabrics - We Only Use the Best

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Here at A Vision to Remember we pride ourselves in using only the best of fabrics.  We want your special quilt to last so your little one can give the quilt to their special little one when they are all grown.  If we use low quality fabrics, then your quilt won't last until your childs first birthday, and that would be a disgrace!  Don't you think?

Sport Nursery Bedding

What you won't find in your A Vision to Remember Quilt and Nursery Bedding:

  • Thin fabric?  You won't find it in our studio
  • Fading?  Absolutely not!
  • Bleeding?  Heck NO!
  • Shrinking?  Yeah, this is a NO WAY!

Elephant Nursery - Navy / Gray

But what you will find in your A Vision to Remember Quilts and Nursery Bedding is:

  • Tightly woven fabric- The tigher the weave the less shrinkage.  Yep, so you won't have any shrinking going on
  • Bright Fabrics like the day you Bought the Bedding- We only purchase from high quality fabric design company's because we have tried and tested their fabric on our own kids (my almost three year old still uses the exact same blanket DAILY that he was brought home from the hospital with, and yes, it is still bright and pretty)
  • Bleeding- we always prewash your quilt before sending it to you, so you will never receive a quilt that will bleed. 
  • No See Through Fabric to be Found - Remember those high quality fabric design companys that we purchase directly from?  Yeah, they don't have any loosey goosey woven fabrics to be seen.  So you won't see that either!

Composition of the Quilts by A Vision to Remember { in case you want to know what fabric is being used where on your quilt}

  • The top layer of your quilt will be made using high quality designer cotton fabrics that won't fade or easily get holes in it.
  • the back layer of your quilt will be made using, not your big box store flannel, but your hard to come by high quality, tightly woven, doesn't get those fabric fuzzys on it, beautiful fabric.

So you can rest assured that your crib bedding will last you for a long....long....long....time because we only use the best fabrics