How to Hang Curtains Properly

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Curtains can and do have a huge impact on a room if you Hang the Curtains Properly.  Curtains can make a room look smaller or larger.  They also can pull the entire look of your room together if hung correctly. 

A couple of helpful hints on how to hang curtains properly:

  • Make sure that your curtain rod is wider than your window.  I like to go at least 4 inches wider on each side of the window.  Going 6 inches wider on each side is even better!

  • Make sure your curtains are plenty full.  Don't scrimp on the amount of fabric!  I always recommend doing at least 1.5  times the width of your window.  For the ruffle curtains and valances made by A Vision to Remember (also known as I personally prefer to have 3 times the width of the window.

How much width for curtains

  • Hang the curtain rod 4-6 inches above the window to make your ceilings appear taller
  • For long curtain panels, make sure the curtains touch the floor.  If you'd like the curtains to puddle on the floor make sure to get 6-12 extra inches in length for your curtains.
  • Pick the right kind of fabric for the room and to fulfill your purpose.  Do you want a light airy room?  Pick a light fabric.  Blackout curtains to block out light. 

If you ever have any questions, make sure to send me an email, and I will help guide you in your purchase of window treatments for your room (