Large flower barn quilt 4 ways

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Barn quilts are so fun! They’re wood pieces that are painted to look like a quilt block or quilt. Often times they are displayed on exteriors of homes, barns, sheds, etc. They range in sizes of itty bitty to very large. We have loved being able to express our different personalities, and to see others personalities, as they’ve been expressed through using different colors and patterns (even on the same exact quilt block design). 

Barn Quilts aren't Just for Barns!

Often times, the barn quilts are made using classic quilt block designs. Often built with basic building blocks of squares, rectangles, and triangles. The barn quilts we offer range from 3 inches to 23 inches. Of course barn quilts don’t always have to be square, we also have a selections of rectangular ones as well. 

Barn quilts aren't just to display on barns or in the outdoors. They are perfect addition to a country farmhouse style home. We love using them to style kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, entry ways, and everywhere in between. Even sewing rooms! We even have small ones that are perfect to be used as coasters

We have created a barn quilt (among many others) that we refer to as “Large Flower”. A few weeks ago, a group of wonderful young ladies ranging in age of 14-16, had a fun evening of painting their choice of barn quilts. They had a blast. I had a blast!

Variety of Barn Quilts for Coasters and Wall Hangings. Not just for Barns

I was amazed (but I really shouldn’t have been) at the huge variety of designs and colors that were chosen and how different each barn quilt came out. 

Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of the final results of each of their barn quilts. But I did get some fun pictures of them in the process of painting the barn quilts. 

Each of our barn quilts used this evening were covered in transfer tape before being cut. This is so helpful in creating sharp clean lines. They would choose sections, peel those sections, and then paint them. They could be messy and didn’t need to be precise at all in doing it. Then they would peel the next section. If it butted up against a section that was already painted, care was taken on that edge, while the rest if painted willy nilly. It makes painting the barn quilts much quicker. 

Painting parties are an awesome way to spend time together while keeping the hands busy. Everyone can express themselves with their very own colors and styles. Below are 3 examples of the large flower barn quilt block laser engraved from wood. 

Our first large flower example is painted in yellow and navy blue. A modern and bold color choice. I love this barn quilt and the boldness of the colors. They are colors I have chosen to use as accents in my living room. The navy blue anchors, while the yellow brightens the room. Can you tell it is a favorite of mine?


This barn square was painted with a fall feel. I REALLY wish I had the final product to show you. It was amazing. She started with a dark burnt orange, then gradually the colors went to yellow, with the outer edges being a minty blue to mimic the sun. It was stunning when completed, and I am not a fan of burnt orange.


Next up, we have a really fun mix of colors. They are all a little on the muted side, but not too much! She never used the same color more than once. Starting with green and lilac and pink in the middle. Then moving to darker moodier colors of gray and navy blue. I really wish I could remember the other colors, but it too was stunning when completed and completely unique.

Fall colors large flower barn quilt

The following were not completed at the girls night out craft project, but a wonderful customer did with stains. I love the array of colors and how it turned out. Remember, you don’t always have to go with the traditional painting techniques, staining is an option!

Stained Barn Quilt Large Flower

Lastly, I have a couple options of ones that I completed. These were partially done with spray paint. I am a quick and easy kinda craft person. If it is very detailed or takes a lot of time, I often won't complete it. Not because I don’t want to, but for lack of time. 

This one was an experiment. I first painted the board. Then I cut it out. Peeled the pieces that I wanted yellow. Then I finished peeling the pieces. It was really quick and easy for only 2 paint colors. But sadly, we are not able to offer pre painted boards at this time

Barn Quilts with 2-4 colors

This pink, blue, and white barn quilt was completed in much the same way as the 2 color white and yellow one was. Except I did need to hand paint the blue on the barn quilt. It was still so fast because it was only small amount of pieces that needed to be painted the blue. 

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy project, or a project that will take you several days, a barn quilt may be the perfect option for you. It can easily accommodate either ability or desire. 

To purchase your own barn quilt, we have many options available. But if we happen to not have the quilt block or size you're wanting please don't hesitate to contact us at We would love to help you in finding the perfect block for your project.