New Release Vintage Style Sports Bedding for Baby's and Big Beds

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Our favorite classic quilt for boys would have to be the sports rag quilt in navy blue and gray, but we love just as much when we have a special request to change the colors

We recently had that exact thing happen. A custom requested that we add a muted seafoam green to the quilt. It was a fun quilt to put together with the new colors. It brightened the quilt up but still kept the vintage feel of the quilt. It was perfect for a more mature nursery theme. We also included golf in this quilt with a slightly textured white ball.

A few weeks later we had another custom request based off of the 1st custom request. This time it was to include tan and orange basketballs instead of brown. We also didn't include the golf balls this go around.

I love how one quilt will spark another quilt. I love how customizable rag quilts are and how each customer can have their own special piece in their home. They really are a work of art and I am so grateful to be able to help achieve their dreams for bedrooms and nursery's.