Pink Elephant Crib Bedding for Baby Girl

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A Vision to Remember makes high-quality Pink Elephant Crib Bedding that will last as long as you do. Our pink elephant crib set is handmade in our studio in Idaho, and we use only the finest materials.

Rag quilt style Elephant Crib Bedding in Baby pink and gray and Elephant prints. A beautiful crib bedding for a Jungle Themed Nursery

More information about Pink Elephant Crib Bedding

Pink and gray baby quilt by Vision To Remember is an ideal combination of charm and trend. Fashionable and eclectic, this bedding is the perfect addition for your baby's room.

This unique and stylish set offers complete protection and insulation from cold temperatures and will keep your baby warm and cozy. The quilted design provides optimal cushioning, making it the ideal place for your little one to rest their head.

The bright, beautiful gray elephants will create a lively atmosphere in any nursery, and the cute pattern will delight your little one day after day. The lightweight and breathable fabric will also help keep your baby’s skin healthy and free from irritation.

Pink Elephant Crib Bedding for Girls

Pink Elephant Crib Bedding for Baby Girl by Avisiontoremember is heirloom quality and handmade in our studio in Idaho. Our baby girls rag quilts are made with 2 layers of fabric: a solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top. The exposed ragged seams are clipped before washing. Washing the quilt before use, you know they'll be soft and comfortable for your baby to sleep on. Once washed, the exposed seams will fray and add more character to your quilt. This is what makes it so special!

Order your Pink Elephant Crib Bedding for Baby Girl today and enjoy the soft and cozy comfort of a rag quilt. It ss sure to brighten up your little one’s nursery. Your baby will love the warmth and comfort of this high-quality bedding. You’ll appreciate the ease of use and low maintenance. Don’t miss out on the perfect finishing touch for your nursery decor!

In conclusion, the pink and gray color palette elephant crib bedding is perfect for any nursery. But if you're looking for something else, check out our other baby girl bedding options in our shop!