Rag Quilt Car Seat Canopies are the Best from A Vision to Remember

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

When you buy a car seat canopy from avtrboutique, you aren't just buying a car seat canopy that will cover the baby for a few months while using the car seat.  You are buying an heirloom quality quilt, that will be able to be used for years to come!

The car seat canopy's have several uses (besides the obvious):

  1. The car seat canopy can be used as a baby quilt long after the baby has outgrown the car seat, and while the baby is still using the car seat.  The car seat canopy is actually a blanket (with little tabs on it)!  So you can rest assured that your investment into your baby's protection from people and the weather will be able to be put to good use long after baby outgrows the car seat

  1. The blanket/car seat canopy can also be used as a nursing cover!  Who would have thought!

  1. Use the blanket/car seat canopy/nursing cover as a play mat!  Throw it on the ground and let baby play on it when you are out and about!  No need to bring a million extra things with you, when baby's already require so many stuff. 

Now make sure to check out all the different car seat canopies that we have in our shop

Or if you see a quilt in our shop and would like it made into a car seat canopy make sure to email me at Bobbie@avisiontoremember.com and we get all the details worked out.