Ruffle Valances - From Pink to Purple and Every Color In Between

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Ruffle Valances
Ruffle Valances are absolutely gorgeous and the perfect addition to your farmhouse, Shabby, and Cottage Chic Home decor.  They are also perfect to use in your nursery, children rooms, kitchens, and all the rooms in between!

A few things that I absolutely love about these ruffle valances:

  1. They are wrinkle free....Right straight from the package even!  Can't beat that now can ya?!  {and if you are anything like me, if it needs ironed it sits in a pile for YEARs before I decide to pull the iron out and take care of it...}
  2. They are extra wide! The valances are all 60" wide.  You're gonna want that bit of extra width cause these valances are at their prettiest when you gather them and bunch them up on your curtain rod.  The more gathering the better!

The hot pink in the collage above is not gathered very much (about 1.25 times the width of the rod.  So a little, but not much).  The coral, mint, and lilac are gathered a bunch (about 3 times the width of the rod). 

3. They are super easy to clean.  Just throw them in the wash, on gentle/delicate cycle and air dry.  Cause lets be real....who wants to do more special laundry than we already have to?!

Now if you're convinced you need a set for each window in your house (or just one) Head on over and see all the Ruffle Valance Colors available