Size Differences -- Compare the Mini, Crib, & Toddler Quilts!

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The awesome thing about rag quilts is they can come in a huge variety of quilt sizes!  


at we use 2 main quilt patterns.  The first is called the

Addy Mae Rag Quilt

This quilt comes in 3 main sizes but can be made in other sizes as well:

The Mini Crib Quilt measures approx 40"x27"

Navy / Gray Hunting Nursery Mini Crib Quilt

This quilt size also comes in car seat canopy's

 Orange / Navy / Gray / Turquoise Deer Car Seat Canopy

The crib size quilt is the next size available (measures approx 40"x47" )

Red / Black / Gray Woodland Crib Quilt

The next size is the Toddler Bed Size Quilt (measures approx 60"x50")


Pink / Turquoise Woodland Girl Toddler Bedding


The other Quilt Pattern used frequently here is the

Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern

 This quilt design comes in a HUGE variety of sizes based on the amount of squares in a row and the amount of squares in a column. 

 The first one is the Car Seat Canopy that is also the same size as the Mini Crib Quilt (measures approx 33"x44")


Yellow / Gray Elephant Car Seat Cover
The Mini Crib Quilt:

Orange / Navy / Gray / Turquoise Elephant Baby Quilt

The Crib Quilt measures 33"x55"

Lime / Gray / Navy Elephant Baby Quilts

The toddler bed size quilt

Gold / Mint / Coral Ruffle Floral Toddler Bedding

NOTE: The measurements on all quilts are before being washed. Each quilt may shrink after being washed

 And as always if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact through Facebook, Instagram, or Email at!


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