State Christmas Ornament

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Discover the enchanting beauty of our high-quality, engraved State Christmas Ornaments, expertly crafted by AVTR. We're proud to offer ornaments representing all 50 states, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of your favorite region.

These delightful ornaments are precisely laser-cut to ensure accuracy, highlighting the distinctive shape of your chosen state. Each piece measures a minimum of 3 inches in height or width, with the exact dimensions varying depending on the state's unique outline. To enhance their charm, the name of the state is elegantly engraved onto the ornament.

State Christmas Ornaments

State Christmas Ornaments - All 50 Available

Crafted from robust 1/8" wood. The ornaments are not only stunning but built to last, making them a loved addition to your holiday decorations for years to come.

These State Christmas Ornaments are more than just festive decor; they are tokens of your connection to a particular place. They are wonderful memories for those who have moved away or a heart warming tribute to your current home. Whether you're celebrating your roots, celebrating a memorable trip, or sharing a piece of your state with a friend, our ornaments beautifully show the spirit of your chosen location. Embrace the holiday season with a touch of nostalgia. Show a whole lot of state pride with AVTR's State Christmas Ornaments.

For those seeking a personala touch, we also offer custom made Christmas Ornaments. Just drop a comment on our video or reach out to us via email at We'll be delighted to create with you to create a truly special ornament.

Idaho State Christmas Ornament

To adorn your tree with the charm of your favorite state or surprise a loved one with a unique gift, visit our shop today and explore the diverse range of State Christmas Ornaments by AVTR. It's time to make your holiday season even more memorable with these beautifully engraved keepsakes.

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