The Best Rag Baby Quilt Pattern

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Here at AVTR we love rag quilts. They are our jam. We create them daily. So we wanted to share with your the best rag baby quilt patterns

The Best Rag Quilt Patterns

First up: The Easy Peasy Rag Quilt Pattern. This quilt is exactly as it's name indicates it is a simple quilt pattern. A quick quilt pattern. Its even a fun quilt pattern. Its the most versatile rag quilt pattern.

Make any size quilt you would like including baby quilts.

easy peasy rag quilt pattern

The sports rag quilt pattern is the same basic building block as the easy peasy rag quilt pattern, but includes instructions on how to applique the sports balls. We love this quilt for a fun vintage style boys quilt.

Sports Rag Quilt Pattern

The addy mae quilt patterns is another of our favorites. This one, if it can be believed, is even quick to sew than the easy peasy. The combination of rectangles and squares add more diversity to the quilt.

Addy Mae rag quilt pattern

Make sure to head on over and grab your favorite one or two patterns. Or check out all in the collection of Rag Baby Quilt Patterns