Floral Baby Girl Crib Set - Purple / Aqua / Gray

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Beautiful handmade crib bedding set with Ruffle flowers and made in purple, gray, and aqua. 

Crib bedding is made like a rag quilt with the exposed frayed seams as the star of the quilt, along with the ruffled flowers and fabric covered buttons accenting the quilt

Crib Set includes:

  • Crib Size Quilt (33x55 inches)
  • Aqua Polka Dot Crib Sheet
  • Lilac Purple Ruffle Crib Skirt


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Rag quilt bedding is so low maintenance!  That is why we love it so much. The more you wash it the better the ragged edges look!

General Cleaning Instructions

  • Bumpers: wipe clean.  Please do not wash, it will shift the padding inside the bumpers!
  • Quilt, Pillow sham, Sheet, Bags, Crib Skirt (not ruffled) - Wash with like colors, tumble dry (and check the lint catcher several times the first couple times you wash), and iron if necessary
  • Ruffle Home Decor {Includes Curtains, Valances, Baby Blankets, and Ruffle Crib Skirts} - Wash cold water and line dry.  Do not iron (but because of the nature of the knit fabric, ironing isn't needed)


Care and Cleaning of Rag Quilts

Rag Quilts, especially when brand new, have fibers.  Before we ship the bedding (does not apply to the ruffle home decor), we will wash, dry, and lint roll each item. 

You may need to lint roll the first couple times you wash and dry your bedding. 

Also, throw in a dry towel while drying the quilt, it will help remove some of the fibers and help the quilt dry quicker as well.

More information on caring for your bedding and ruffle home decor.

$0.00 – $49.99 Order is $6.50 for Shipping

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$100.01 – $200.00 Order is $10.00 for Shipping
$200.01 – $300.00 Order is $14.00 for Shipping

$300.01+ Order is  $20.00 for Shipping

Rag Quilt Crib Bedding

  • Custom Made Pieces-All custom, made to order, pieces please allow up to 2-4 weeks for production
  • Approval. Many of the handmade pieces will require approval by You before I sew it up.  How awesome is that?!  You get to make sure the layout is how you want it, make sure the fabrics are exactly as you would like, and then, and only when, you have given your approval will it be sewn.  All pictures will be sent to the email address on file. Make sure to add your best email to your order during purchase so I have a good way to get ahold of you and shipping isn't held up

  • USPS-Shipping will all be done via the USPS.  You will also be notified of the tracking number so you can watch it as it travels from my home to yours!

Thanks so much for your interest in purchasing a one of a kind quilt from A Vision to Remember (avtrboutique.com). 

Our current processing times are from the date of payment being received:

1-2 Business Days for Ready to Ship Items which includes all Ruffle Home Decor and Some Quilts

2-5 weeks for Crib Bedding and Crib Sets

 During that time I will email you a picture of the quilt laid out before being sewn so you can make sure it is exactly how you want.  Let me know if you have any questions.

My email is Bobbie@AVisionToRemember.com

At AVTR Boutique every rag quilt crib bedding order is handmade by me, Bobbie, once the order is placed.  These orders take a few of weeks to complete from the date of payment being received.  Make sure to check out the current processing time to make sure your bedding will arrive to you in time.

I gladly accept cancellations: Request a cancellation within: 2 days of purchase.

I don't accept returns or exchanges unless the item was misrepresented because each item is custom handmade for your upon your order:  But please contact me at bobbie@avisiontoremember.com if you have any problems with your order.

Before placing your order, if you have any questions / concerns / or are worried about matching colors of fabrics to your room please don't hesitate to contact me by emailing me at bobbie@avisiontoremember.com or contacting me on facebook and I will make sure to answer all of your questions. 

Here at A Vision to Remember we pride ourselves in using only the best of fabrics.  We want your special quilt to last so your little one can give the quilt to their special little one when they are all grown.  If we use low quality fabrics, then your quilt won't last until your childs first birthday, and that would be a disgrace!  Don't you think?

What you won't find in our Fabric:

  • Thin fabric?  You won't find it in our studio
  • Fading?  Absolutely not!
  • Bleeding?  Heck NO!
  • Shrinking?  Yeah, this is a NO WAY!

Elephant Nursery - Navy / Gray

What you will find:

  • 100% Cotton Fabrics
  • Tightly woven fabric- The tigher the weave the less shrinkage.  Yep, so you won't have any shrinking going on
  • Bright Fabrics like the day you Bought the Bedding- We only purchase from high quality fabric design company's because we have tried and tested their fabric on our own kids (my almost three year old still uses the exact same blanket DAILY that he was brought home from the hospital with, and yes, it is still bright and pretty)
  • Bleeding- we always prewash your quilt before sending it to you, so you will never receive a quilt that will bleed. 
  • No See Through Fabric to be Found - Remember those high quality fabric design companys that we purchase directly from?  Yeah, they don't have any loosey goosey woven fabrics to be seen.  So you won't see that either!

Composition of your quilt:

  • The top layer of your quilt will be made using high quality designer cotton fabrics that won't fade or easily get holes in it.
  • the back layer of your quilt will be made using, not your big box store flannel, but your hard to come by high quality, tightly woven, doesn't get those fabric fuzzys on it, beautiful fabric.

So you can rest assured that your crib bedding will last you for a long....long....long....time because we only use the best fabrics

Each quilt purchased from AVTR Boutique is custom made just for you when your order is placed.  Make sure to check out our current processing times so you know when to expect your bedding


  • Made from 2 layers of high quality 100% cotton and flannel fabrics
  • Beautiful and lightweight, but also warm with snuggly flannel fabric on the back of the quilt.
  • Very low maintenance, just wash and dry like you do your other baby items.
  • Quilt, Diaper Bags, Pillow Shams, and Bumpers have been washed once to start the ragging process.

The front of your quilt purchased from A Vision to Remember (also known as avtrboutique.com) may be the most gorgeous and interesting to look at, but the BACK of your quilt will be what is right up against your skin.  It may just be the back side of your quilt that is most important to you!


Neutral Crib Bedding Woodland Baby Quilt

Of course this Gender Neutral Crib Bedding Woodland Baby Quilt is gorgeous to look at, but curious minds want to know what the back of the quilt looks like.  Or better yet.....Feels Like

So, here is a picture for you, of the backside of the same quilt pictured above. 

The backside of a rag quilt

The backside of the quilt is made from the highest quality quilters flannel fabric available on the market.  Let me tell you, this stuff doesn't get those annoying little balls stuck to it after a washing, or even two!. 

Each quilt is backed with a solid flannel fabric.  This fabric is thicker than the flannel you can get at your local big box craft store. 

If you quilt has any appliques on it, then you will be able to see the outline of the applique stitched into your quilt

Appliques on Rag Quilt

Deer Applique on Rag quilt

Isn't that so much fun!?

Now that you know what the backside of your quilt will look like, don't hesitate purchasing your quilt, because you know we only use the best materials to create your quilt!

If you want more information head on over to this particular Yellow, Turquoise, Gray Gender Neutral Crib Bedding Woodland Rag Quilt

Please contact us with your custom requests!



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Answers to all your Questions about ordering from AVTR Boutique:

Make sure if you have a question that hasn't been answered here to email me (Bobbie) at Bobbie@avisiontoremember.com and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours.  You are also welcome to contact me on A Vision to Remember's Facebook Page