Cleaning Instructions for Rag Quilt Bedding and Ruffle Home Decor

Rag quilt bedding is so low maintenance!  That is why we love it so much. The more you wash it the better the ragged edges look!

General Cleaning Instructions

  • Bumpers: wipe clean.  Please do not wash, it will shift the padding inside the bumpers!
  • Quilt, Pillow sham, Sheet, Bags, Crib Skirt (not ruffled) - Wash with like colors, tumble dry (and check the lint catcher several times the first couple times you wash), and iron if necessary
  • Ruffle Home Decor {Includes Curtains, Valances, Baby Blankets, and Ruffle Crib Skirts} - Wash cold water and line dry.  Do not iron (but because of the nature of the knit fabric, ironing isn't needed)


Care and Cleaning of Rag Quilts

Rag Quilts, especially when brand new, have fibers.  Before we ship the bedding (does not apply to the ruffle home decor), we will wash, dry, and lint roll each item. 

You may need to lint roll the first couple times you wash and dry your bedding. 

Also, throw in a dry towel while drying the quilt, it will help remove some of the fibers and help the quilt dry quicker as well.

More information on caring for your bedding and ruffle home decor.