Cleaning Instructions for Rag Quilt Bedding and Ruffle Home Decor

Rag quilt bedding is so low maintenance! Here are the Cleaning Instructions for Rag Quilts from AVTR. The more you wash it the better the ragged edges look!

Proper Care and Cleaning Instructions for Your Rag Quilt and Home Decor Items:

For Quilts, Pillow Shams, Sheets, Bags, and Crib Skirts (non-ruffled):

  1. Wash with Like Colors: To maintain the vibrant colors and prevent bleeding, always wash your items with similar colors in the laundry.
  2. Tumble Dry with Caution: When machine drying, be sure to check the lint catcher several times during the first couple of washes. Rag quilts tend to release loose fibers in the initial washes.
  3. Iron If Necessary: If wrinkles or creases appear after washing, a gentle ironing can help restore a crisp look to your bedding. Use a low heat setting as needed.

Cleaning Instructions For Home Decor:

  1. Gentle Washing: Use cold water for washing to preserve the integrity of the knit fabric. It's best to opt for a gentle cycle.
  2. Line Dry: Avoid using a dryer for ruffle home decor items. Instead, hang them to air dry. Ironing is generally not necessary due to the nature of the knit fabric.

Additional Tips for Cleaning Rag Quilts:

  • Initial Lint Removal: Rag quilts, especially when new, may release loose fibers. Before shipping, we take care to wash, dry, and lint roll each item (excluding ruffle home decor).
  • Regular Lint Rolling: You may need to lint roll the bedding during the first few wash and dry cycles to remove any residual loose fibers.
  • Dry Towel Trick: To expedite drying and reduce fiber shedding, include a dry towel in the dryer while drying the quilt. This can help capture loose fibers and hasten the drying process.

By following these care and cleaning instructions, you can ensure that your rag quilt and home decor items stay vibrant, cozy, and beautiful for years to come. Enjoy the comfort and style of your handmade pieces!

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