Floral Crib Bedding - Coral / Navy Blue

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Beautiful modern floral crib bedding rag quilt coral and navy blue. The quilt features a modern floral, stripes, and polka dots fabrics in coral and navy blue.   The solid white flannel back will keep your little one warm for a long time to come

This gorgeous and bright quilt is made rag quilt style, with the seams exposed and clipped to create a fluffy and soft edge.  It has the highest quality flannel as the back so it won't pill after just one washing.  It also is super soft, and gets softer with each washing. 

The quilt is oversized and will last for a long time as your child grows and grows!

Care for floral crib bedding: Wash with like colors, tumble dry, iron if necessary


More About floral crib bedding
**Made from 2 layers of high quality 100% cotton and flannel fabrics
**Very low maintenance, just wash and dry like you do your other baby items.
**Quilt has been washed once to start the ragging process.