Flower Applique Baby Blanket Rag Quilt Pattern - Instant Download - Pattern - A Vision to Remember

Flower Applique Baby Blanket Rag Quilt Pattern - Instant Download

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This rag quilt pattern for a baby blanket is so easy to sew and a great blanket for the beginner. It can be whipped up in just a few hours.  The rag quilt features 4 different styles of raw edge applique flowers that can be stitched onto each square. 

Pattern Contents:
Instructions for cutting, piecing, and finishing your quilt
Pictures of the process
Hints and Tricks that I have learned along the

Suggested Fabric:

How it's made:
You simply cut squares, rectangle, and appliques; sew the applique onto the quilt (very simple, I promise), sew the the fabric together, and then clip and wash for your rag quilt!

Finished Quilt Size 44"x44" but can easily be changed to fit your needs.

1. Car seat tent-helps to protect baby from the world and allows them to sleep peacefully
2. Nursing Cover-the car seat tent is large enough to double as a nursing cover. Leaving you less things to worry about as a mother
3. While using the car seat tent you always have a blanket with you. This is really handy if you need to lay the baby down, swaddle the baby, or even a spit rag when needed (because I have been there and know what its like to need something in a pinch!)

Then, when the baby has outgrown the infant car seat you can easily remove the handles so that you still have an awesome baby quilt for the baby to cherish!

*A cutting mat and rotary cutter are almost ESSENTIAL to make this project easy and fast to complete.

This is an original pattern handmade by me. You are more than welcome to sell your own handmade quilts, but please do not reproduce the pattern.