Elephant Baby Blanket for Mini Crib - Orange, Grey - Elephant Nursery

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An elephant baby blanket for a mini crib made in orange and grey.  It is the perfect addition to your elephant nursery decor. 

  • Ready to ship within 2-3 business days
  • Blanket Measures 33 inches by 33 inches.
  • Care: wash with like colors, no special treatment required.
  • The blanket is made from high quality designer flannel and 100% cotton.
  • Made with two layers of fabric, both are quilter’s quality fabrics for durability'
  • Very low maintenance, just wash and dry like you do your other baby items. It has been washed once to start the ragging process.

This adorable elephant baby blanket is the perfect size to throw in the stroller and car seat to keep your baby warm, for a toddler to drag around without tripping all over the blanket, and is also the perfect size of quilt for a mini crib.

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