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Barn Quilts for Sale

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

One of our favorite things to do when we have a bit of downtime, or with friends, is to paint barn quilts. With the same basic quilt block, a million variations can be born. Different colors, painting different shapes, or even embellishing each of the hst,triangles,and squares.

These are a few of our favorite barn quilts. These are all seasonal ones. Flowers for summer, snowman for winter, kite for spring, and so on.

Example of Finished Barn Quilts

We also carry a wide variety of quilt block sizes. Ranging from 4 inch coasters to 21 inch barn quilts, and several sizes in between (9 inch barn quilt, 12 inch barn quilt)


Friendship Star Barn Quilt

We love the friendship star barn quilt. It can be a fun double friendship star variation or a single star friendship star barn quilt. The friendship star barn quilt is also known as Clay's Choice barn quilt.

Double Friendship Star Barn Quilt

How will you paint your barn quilt?