Barn Quilts for Sale

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One of our favorite things to do when we have a bit of downtime, or with friends, is to paint barn quilts. With the same basic Barn Quilts for Sale blocks, a million variations can be born. Different colors, painting different shapes, or even embellishing each of the hst,triangles,and squares.

These are a few of our favorite barn quilts. These are all seasonal ones. Flowers for summer, snowman for winter, kite for spring, and so on.

Example of Finished Barn Quilts

We also carry a wide variety of quilt block sizes. Ranging from 4 inch coasters to 21 inch barn quilts, and several sizes in between (9 inch barn quilt, 12 inch barn quilt)


Friendship Star Barn Quilt

We love the friendship star barn quilt. It can be a fun double friendship star variation or a single star friendship star barn quilt. The friendship star barn quilt is also known as Clay's Choice barn quilt.

Double Friendship Star Barn Quilt

Barn quilts are a unique and visually striking form of rural art that have gained popularity for several compelling reasons:

  1. Aesthetic Appeal: Barn quilts are large, colorful, and eye-catching, often replicating traditional quilt block patterns. They add a splash of vibrant art to the countryside, enhancing the visual appeal of rural landscapes.

  2. Heritage and Tradition: Many barn quilts honor and preserve quilting traditions that are deeply rooted in American history. Quilt patterns often carry cultural and familial significance, making barn quilts a connection to the past.

  3. Community Involvement: Creating and displaying barn quilts often involves community collaboration. People come together to design, paint, and hang these unique pieces of art, fostering a sense of togetherness.

  4. Tourism and Economic Boost: Barn quilt trails and tours have become popular in rural areas, attracting tourists and boosting local economies. Visitors come to appreciate the art, learn about local history, and support local businesses.

  5. Storytelling: Each barn quilt can tell a story. Some represent the history of the barn's owner, the region, or the quilt pattern itself. This adds depth and meaning to the artwork.

  6. Visibility and Wayfinding: In rural areas, barn quilts often serve as wayfinding markers or landmarks. They help travelers navigate and find their way, especially when GPS signals may be weak.

  7. Fostering Creativity: Barn quilts encourage artistic expression, as they require creativity in design and painting. They are a way for artists to bring their unique vision to the public eye.

  8. Preservation of Barns: By drawing attention to aging and historic barns, barn quilts can contribute to their preservation and restoration, as they become valued as part of the local landscape.

  9. Cultural Exchange: Barn quilts are not limited to the United States. Other countries have also embraced this form of public art, creating opportunities for cultural exchange and mutual appreciation.

  10. Celebration of Agriculture: Barn quilts often coexist with agricultural communities, celebrating the role of farming in local culture and history.

In essence, barn quilts are a fascinating intersection of art, heritage, community, and storytelling, which is why many people find them so cool and appealing.

How will you paint your barn quilt?