Caring for Your Custom Bedding and Home Decor

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Your Rag Quilt Bedding is in the works and will be on its way to you soon, but in the meantime, here are a few things to know in caring for your new set
  1. Lint Rollers are your friend - Rag quilts are, well, ragged.  This means that I have hand clipped every single exposed seam to created that raggedy goodness.  I've also washed your quilt once before shipping it to you.  Once I washed it, it came out of the dryer with lots of lint on.  This is where you will need a lint roller.  Between now and the next couple of washing's your quilt and bedding pieces are going to need a quick roll over to grab those stray lints, fibers, and strings
  2. Washing your Bedding - your rag quilts can be washed on cold with like colors with your favorite laundry soap.  When you throw them into the dryer (at least for the first couple of times) make sure to check your lint catcher several times.  It will fill up pretty fast. 
  3. Give em Some Love! - rag quilts are not fragile.  They are not easy ruined.  Actually, they are far from that!  They are meant to be loved and washed, and loved some more.  The more times you wash your quilt, the fluffier your ragged edges will become.  So don't be afraid to wash yo' quilts!
If you've purchased other bedding pieces here are your care instructions:
  • Bumpers - Don't wash em.  If you do, the bumper padding can and probably will get all twisted and tangled up inside your bumpers.  It'll be a pain to try and get it all smoothed out and pretty once again.  IF YOU DO NEED TO WASH THEM - first try to wipe clean, then do a gentle cycle with them laid out nicely in the washer.  DO NOT DRY THEM! Air dry only
  • Ruffled Valances, Crib Skirts, Curtains - Wash on cold gentle cycle, with like colors, and air dry