Purple Baby Bedding

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

You are about to make one of the most important purchases of your life. The centerpiece for your little ones nursery is to be used for that first year of life. But more importantly, it can be an integral part of your child's memory's.

Do you remember your baby quilt? Did you love on it as long as I did?

I still remember mine. A pretty little strawberry shortcake that had been tied with hot pink yarn. It even had some white lace around the binding.

That quilt went with me everywhere. It was the best.

Thankfully, at some point during my childhood the quilt disappeared. After I had sufficiently loved on the blanket, my mom put it away for safekeeping. I still have it today!

The quilt you choose to be the centerpiece of your little ones bedroom. It can be just as important in their life as my strawberry shortcake blanket was in mine.

We are sharing some of our favorite heirloom quilts for you. These are all in the purple baby bedding color scheme.

Purple Baby Bedding - Heirloom Quality

The purple baby bedding available for purchase as a crib size rag quilt only or as a crib set that includes the rag quilt, crib skirt, and fitted crib sheet.

Elephant Purple Crib Bedding

Baby girl nursery bedding by Avisiontoremember is heirloom quality and handmade in our studio in Idaho.

The baby rag quilts for sale made with two layers of fabric: a solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top.

The exposed ragged seams clipped before washing.

The quilt washed once to begin the ragging process.

Elephant Mint and Purple Crib Bedding

Our baby girls rag quilts made with 2 layers of fabric: a solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top. The exposed ragged seam clipped before washing, so you know they'll be soft and comfortable for your baby to sleep on.

Once washed, this rag quilt will start to show signs of wear and tear—the exposed seams will fray and look more like they've been loved by years of children. This is what makes it so special! Our baby girl nursery bedding made in light pink and grey for a soft and fun addition to your nursery.

Turquoise and Purple Crib Bedding

Other baby girl crib bedding available in our shop include: rag quilts, ruffle home decor (including towels, valances, crib skirts, and pillow), wooden decor and craft kits.