Unique Mother’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas

Posted by Bobbie Stucki on

Mother's Day is right around the corner. We have been hard at work creating gifts to give our very own mom's, grandma's and other important women in our lives. So here are our Unique Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas

The first gift we're giving are a set of Engraved Wooden Spoon and Rolling Pin. They can be personalized with names, dates, and other graphics

Engraved rolling pin and wooden spoon for Mother’s Day gift

Next up is a beautiful art piece that is personalized for grandma's or mom's. They can also be customized with your own name before Garden. Children and grandchildren names are engraved on the flowers as a wonderful memorial

 Moms garden custom Mother’s Day gift Moms garden custom Mother’s Day gift


Next up is  a very special gift to me. The taffy recipe is my grandma's recipe. I remember going to her house and pulling taffy. We would compete with each other to see who could get their taffy the whitest. Grandma always won. She recently passed away and this recipe cutting board has become a centerpiece in our home.

Engraved recipe cutting board for Mother’s Day gift

Next up is the perfect gift for kids to give to grandmas and mom's. Their very own bouquet of dandelions. Kids will love being able to pick their favorite flower and then present their special mom with the flowers.

Mother's Day Bouquet for Dandelions

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