Women's Apron Pattern - Rag Quilt Style

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This Patchwork Rag Quilt Apron Pattern is fun to sew and you can use fabric scraps making it a great stash busting project! The women's apron pattern is also perfect for Christmas Gifts.

Women's Apron Pattern - Rag Quilt Style The rag quilt style apron pattern is awesome for all sizes. No joke! The aprons above are a child apron (uses 3 squares total) vs a regular adult size apron.

Why Rag Quilts?

A rag quilt is a fun style of quilting, especially when paired with the use of a women's apron pattern. I love it for so many reasons, but here are a couple of my favorites:
  1. Firstly, the quilt top and bottom are sewn together at the same time, removing the need to traditionally baste, quilt, and bind it.
  2. Secondly, he exposed seams are fluffy and add texure to the quilt
  3. Lastly, rag quilts are very forgiving. Seams not lining up perfectly? No problem! Your rag quilt project will be just as beautiful.

Women's Apron Pattern

Perks of a Rag Quilt Apron

The Women's Apron Pattern is a perfect scrap buster project.
We might be a bit partial but we think the apron is beautiful on our in house model. She is 5, and yes she is as full of sass as she appears.
For instance, this particular apon we used only 2 fabrics. The yellow gingham and the custom printed breast cancer fabric. They paired together wonderfully for a bright and sweet apron.
For the back we used a solid white flannel. It did 2 things, it added a contrasting and coordinating bit of color to the exposed ragged seams  on the apron. It also paired well with the pink and yellow.
child apron pattern

Resources for Women's Apron Pattern:

In conclusion we would like to share some helpful resources to create your own rag quilt style women's apron pattern:
patchwork apron pattern