Wooden Barn Craft Kit with Interchangeable Quilt Blocks

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Introducing our exquisite 12-inch tall Wooden Barn Craft Kit, a creative delight designed to showcase your love for quilts all year round. This versatile kit brings together craftsmanship and personal expression, making it a joyful addition to your decor.

Wooden Barn Craft Kit Contents:

  • 2-Layer Barn: The foundation of your craft adventure.
  • Sturdy Base: Built with double layers for robustness, ensuring a reliable shelf sitter.
  • 12 Quilt Blocks: A delightful assortment of 3-inch quilt blocks to bring your barn to life.

Personalize Your Creation:

Bring your barn to life by adding your artistic touch. While the kit provides the essential elements, you'll need to infuse it with your style and flair. Unleash your creativity with paint, which gives the barn its vibrant personality. Assemble it with glue, transforming a collection of parts into a charming masterpiece.

Interchangeable Charm:

The magic lies in the 12 interchangeable quilt blocks. Rotate them to reflect different seasons, moods, or occasions. With sticky velcro, effortlessly attach the quilt blocks, enhancing your barn's allure as it evolves throughout the year.

Whether you're an experienced crafter or eager to embark on a new project, our Wooden Barn Craft Kit promises hours of enjoyment and a unique decoration that's truly your own. Let your creativity flourish, and experience the satisfaction of crafting a charming barn that captures the heart of your home.