Checkers Game Board

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The beautifully crafted 12" engraved wooden chess and checkers game board. Board is made of wood with intricate engravings. The board will be designed to be used for both chess and checkers games, with the necessary game pieces included.

Details for Wooden Chess and Checkers Board Game

  • Unfinished and ready for play.
  • Enjoy painting, staining, or decorating
  • Includes 14 of each style of checkers pieces & All chess game pieces
  • 12” engraved game board

The board has a smooth surface that provides an excellent playing experience. The engraved lines and markings make it easy to keep track of the game. The chess and checkers pieces is made of high-quality wooden materials. Also the pieces designed to fit perfectly on the board.

The wooden board is sturdy and durable, so it can withstand frequent use and last for years to come. The natural wood grain and finish give the board a classic and elegant look, making it a beautiful addition to any game room or living space.

Overall, the engraved wooden chess and checkers game board is a quality, beautiful, and fun game board that is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment for players of all skill levels.