USA Flag Rag Quilt Pattern

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The "Patriotic Quilt" pattern by A Vision to Remember is a USA flag rag quilt pattern. The quilt is designed to evoke a sense of patriotism. The completed quilt measures 58 inches by 68 inches, making it a substantial and visually striking piece.

The pattern incorporates elements inspired by the national flag, capturing the essence of patriotism. It typically features a bold arrangement of red, white, and blue fabric, representing the colors traditionally associated with the flag of the United States. These colors symbolize valor, purity, and perseverance, respectively.

The quilt employs the rag quilt technique, which involves sewing fabric squares together with exposed seams that fray over time, giving the quilt a textured and rustic appearance. This adds to the charm and character of the finished piece.

Also, when completed, the "Patriotic Quilt" by A Vision to Remember is not only a functional and cozy blanket but also a beautiful expression of national pride. Quilt is for decorating wall hanging, draped over furniture, or given as a thoughtful gift to commemorate special occasions such as Independence Day or Veterans Day.

I love this style of blanket for bedding, throw quilts, picnic blankets, and everything in between


Pattern Contents:

  • Instructions for cutting, piecing, and finishing your quilt
  • Hints and Tricks that I have learned along the way

Suggested Fabric for USA Flag Rag Quilt Pattern:

  • Cotton
  • Flannel
  • Minky
  • Chenille

How USA Flag Rag Quilt Pattern is made:

You simply cut squares, rectangle; sew the the fabric together, and then clip and wash for your rag quilt!

Finished Quilt Size 58”x68” 

If you have any questions now or while you are creating your own quilt please don't hesitate to contact me.