Bulk Religious Bookmark, Gift for Relief Society, Ward Families, Young Women's, and Primary

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Bulk Religious Bookmarks SOLD IN SETS OF 20

Beautiful jumbo and sturdy wooden engraved bookmarks for Gift for Relief Society, Ward Families, Young Women's, and Primary! Bookmarks are centered around themes from The Church of Jesus Christ and measure 2 inches tall. The size of the engraving depends on the shape and fit of graphic on the round disk.

Gift giving idea for:

  • Baptism gift as a bookmark for their own Book of Mormon
  • Birthday Gifts for Young Men and Young Women Organizations
  • A Remembrance for the Children and Youth Theme this Year
  • Birthday Gifts for Relief Society
  • Lesson and Enrichment handout to for challenges and invitations given during the activity or Lesson

Wooden Engraved Bulk Religious bookmark are Laser cut for precision with the name and shape of the state engraved on the ornament.

Wooden bookmarks- Cut from wood with a jumbo paperclip as the bookmark.

Bulk Religious Bookmarks include (number in parenthesis are number of styles available):

Child of God (4)
Hear Him (4)
Strive to Be (2)
Trust in the Lord (4)
Beloved Son / Daughter (4)
Light the World (3)
Peace on Earth (2)
Charity Never Faileth (2)
Temple (1)

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