Keepsake T Shirt Quilts

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One of my absolute favorite quilts to make of all time are Keepsake T Shirt Quilts from baby clothes, pajamas, t-shirts, and jeans.

You send me your prewashed clothing items, and I will make the rag quilt in the size of your choice.

All of the beautiful Keepsake T Shirt Quilts pictured were made from over 50 lbs of Christmas pajamas from several years.
Toddler Quilt 40x50 inches
Twin Size Quilt 60x80 inches
Full Size Quilt 70x80 inches
Queen Size Quilt 80x90 inches
King Size Quilt 110x110 inches

Care: Wash with like colors, tumble dry, iron if necessary
More About Rag Quilt Keepsake T Shirt Quilts
**Made from 2 layers of high quality 100% cotton and flannel fabrics
**Very low maintenance, just wash and dry like you do your other baby items.
**Quilt will be washed once to start the ragging process.