Diaper Bag Pattern Rag Quilt Style - Instant Download

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Diaper Bag Pattern Rag Quilt Style. The bag you create from the Instant Download PDF Pattern Instructions will be oversized, with pockets, and perfect!

This pattern is very simple for any type of sewer. If you are a beginner there are a ton of pictures to help you along the way. For those that are pros this will be a quick, clear, and easy way to make yourself a beautiful bag

Purse Details:

  • Purse will have 6 pockets inside (4 are very large (about 8x8 inches) and the other 2 are large enough for a bottle.
  • Pattern includes flower appliques in 3 different styles. Or add ruffle flowers for a fun 3D Texture on the purse
  • Watch the video on how to sew the flowers onto the purse
  • The Diaper Bag Pattern Rag Quilt Style will measure approximately 16 x 4.5 x 13 inches.
  • The pattern is very detailed with many pictures of the entire process.
  • A cutting mat and rotary cutter are almost ESSENTIAL to make this project easy and fast to complete.

This is an original Diaper Bag Pattern Rag Quilt Style handmade by me. You are more than welcome to sell your own handmade quilts, but please do not reproduce the pattern.