Shabby Baby Girl Rag Quilt

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Beautiful shabby cottage chic vintage floral baby girl rag quilt. Pink and ligh blue baby quilt by Vision To Remember is an ideal combination of charm and trend. Fashionable and eclectic, this bedding is the perfect addition for your baby's room.

Baby girl crib sets by avisiontoremember are heirloom quality and handmade in our studio in Idaho.

The custom handmade baby rag quilts for sale have 2 layers of fabric. A solid quality soft flannel, and a mixture of cotton fabrics on the top. The clipped exposed ragged seams become fluffier with each washing. The quilt will be washed once to begin the ragging process and will measure 30x50 inches

The shabby baby girl rag quilt is the perfect quilt size for your baby's crib.

  • Handmade with 2 layers of fabric
  • Care instructions: wash cold with like colors.
  • Washed once to begin the ragging process

Baby girl nursery bedding is light pink and light blue for a soft and fun addition to your nursery room! Other baby girl crib bedding available in our shop.